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What Do We Do?
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Why Support This Important Work?
- We’re making a better world for your children.
- We are small and frugal
- Donations are tax-deductible in U.S.
- We depend on donor support.
- We address the root cause of unsustainability
(and therefore the social, fiscal and environmental problems that ensue).

Several Ways You Can Donate
(qualifies for charitable tax deduction in the U.S.)

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Your participation will help us!

Get GrowthBusters Seen - College campuses, libraries, theaters, iTunes, TV
Produce a TV Series – Interviewing leading thinkers on growth & sustainability
Publish a Book – A collection of essays by world-class growthbusters
Launch a Publicity Campaign – Get these issues discussed on radio/TV/newspapers
Produce YouTube Videos – More ways to introduce growthbusting to friends
Produce the Next Film – Help more people discover the joys of post-growth living

Contact us if you’d like to arrange a gift in trust to support our work after you finish yours on this Earth.

If your donation is a gift to honor another individual, make your donation in one of the 3 ways above, and send us an email with instructions on who your gift is for, and details on how you wish the gift acknowledgement to read and where you want us to send it.

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